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”There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone find the right path to their digital career.”

Ralitsa Ilieva
Mentor, Talents & Culture Lead @Dreamix

Become a mentor
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Our mentors come from top companies


Be a superhero. Previous experience not required.

Share your experience with a person who’s just starting their career journey or is trying to get redirected. Tell them where you started, what you overcame, how you found your place, what does your daily routine look like, what projects you come across, what you like about your job and what you don’t.

Become a mentor

You have full freedom of actions.

The process? We’ll assemble a person you can simply talk to informally about work, in a friendly manner and with no “agenda”.

The only mandatory requirement is for you to set up at least two online meetings within a month (Zoom, Whereby, Skype - use the app of your choice), get to know each other and simply talk, because we believe meaningful advice changes people.

Become a mentor

Create and develop new friendships.

Remember all of the teachers and mentors you have met along your path, regardless if they had human names, situations or online platforms. Now you have the chance to become one.
Share your experience! Give some advice! Help someone to find their dream job.

Become a mentor

Join our star team
of inspiring mentors.

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